Sunday, October 25, 2009

What will there be?

What will there be? A nonkilling plea
dedicated to President Barack Obama
by Francisco Gomes de Matos, a peace linguist
from Recife,Brazil

Of your faith in hope there is Nobel recognition
the formidable challenges facing you now magnify
wisely added to your brave presidential mission :
A deeper universal value you are asked to dignify

A world free from the threat of nuclear war: will there be ?
A world free from any acts of terrorism: will there be ?
A world free from violations of Human Rights:will there be ?
A world of Societies that are killing-free : will there be ?

For diplomatic relations what principles do you (fore)see ?
For economic fairness what policies do you (fore)see ?
For environmental justice what procedures do you (fore)see ?
For universal harmony what practices do you (fore)see ?

To a nonviolent world may you creatively contribute
in which myriad ,malevolent ways of killing will cease
To a Nonkilling world may you audaciously contribute
and help Humankind learn to share the Earth in Peace


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